Home Inspectors’ Report Review & Rebuttal

One of the most common scenarios in which an engineer proves to be crucial, is during the Due-Diligence period of the home buying process. Typically, the home will be checked by a Private Home Inspector, which often results in concerns being raised over items such as a sheetrock crack, a dip in the floor, or any issue which may or may not be a potential structural deficiency. When this occurs, the home inspector will typically recommend that he issue be examined by a structural engineer. Handling this type of situation is precisely the reason for which this branch of Gooch Building Consultants was created.

Private Home Inspectors play a vital role in the process, helping to substantiate real property values, as well as, serving as an advocate for the buyer. However, the scope of the home inspection does not cover structural integrity, nor should it. Once a potential deficiency has been cited, the next step is to have the issue reviewed by personnel with a specialization in construction and structural evaluation. Only at GBC, will you find all of the following qualities in one company:

  • 22+ years experience with Structural Assessment
  • Able to thrive in high-pressure situations
  • Fairness and Objectivity; Independent of the parties involved
  • Knowledge of materials and methods from many different eras and types of construction
  • Credentials which allow for the certification of the issue(s) and the assumption of responsibility
  • Fully covered and insured
  • A constantly-refined referral network of contractors, tradesmen, expeditors and experts
  • The resources necessary to accomplish all of the above within hours of the online request form being submitted

How It Works

No matter whether you’re on the buyer’s or seller’s side of the table, we assist you by drawing this part of the process to a close. In today’s litigious atmosphere, it is advantageous to both parties, that any issues present be fully resolved. Oftentimes, it turns out that the issue is purely cosmetic, which we certify as such and all is back on track! Other times, the issue is structurally significant and warrants repair. Rest assured, the solution we recommend will be permanent, cost-effective and acceptable to both parties. Usually, the biggest stressor is simply…the unknown. Let GBC light your way and help you to make a better informed decision.