Why choose Gooch?

Not satisfied with the results of your inspection or looking for solutions for your home? Here is why your should choose GBC.

Proven Track Record

22+ years experience with Structural Assessment: Knowledge of materials and methods from many different eras and types of construction/

Fairness and Objectivity

Independent of the parties involved; Able to thrive in high-pressure situations. Credentials which allow for the certification of the issue(s) and the assumption of responsibility

Fully covered & Insured

A constantly-refined referral network of contractors, tradesmen, expeditors and experts. The resources necessary to accomplish all of the above within hours of the online request form being submitted

How It Works

No matter whether you’re on the buyer’s or seller’s side of the table, we assist you by drawing this part of the process to a close. In today’s litigious atmosphere, it is advantageous to both parties, that any issues present be fully resolved. Oftentimes, it turns out that the issue is purely cosmetic, which we certify as such and all is back on track! Other times, the issue is structurally significant and warrants repair. Rest assured, the solution we recommend will be permanent, cost-effective and acceptable to both parties. Usually, the biggest stressor is simply…the unknown. Let GBC light your way and help you to make a better informed decision.


Consulting services that are available for builders, contractors & home owners.

Previous Work/Misc: Standard Blocks

If you have previously had services performed, please select the applicable product to pay for the work done.

Travel Time: Standard Block

15 min | $25

Select this item for Booking an appointment at a location greater than 1 hour’s travel time away from our main office. Traffic delays should be included in estimating travel time.


Pre-Pour Foundation: Footing, Wall, or Slab

15 min | $115

For Builders and Contractors, this service is to check the specified foundation component PRIOR to the concrete pour.


Home Inspection Review/Rebuttal (H.I.R.E Inspection)

45 min | $375

If you’ve had a home inspected by a “Home Inspector’ and the report recommends one or more items be evaluated by a Professional Structural Engineer. This service may also be selected if you simply want a structural assessment of a building you are interested in buying or selling.


Builder Basic Structural Assessment: Single Element

30 min | $245

Builders/Contractors – need help with a single structural item/issue. Provide specifications for a beam installation; Certify a specific foundation modification; Assess any specific structural modification to the framing; Help establishing the best foundation due to encountering bad/unsuitable soils; and the list goes on and on.

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Real customer/contractor reviews from Kudzu.com
Jason Cedar

Jason Cedar

They've Been the 12th Man on Our Team!

"To say that he returns calls would be an understatement, as he has been VERY responsive & easy to get in touch with throughout the entire construction process! I'd highly recommend Gooch Building Consultants for anyone thinking of undergoing a home renovation or addition project, as they've really brought peace of mind to our team knowing that everything is being built to code & beyond!"



Always there for me

"I am a general contractor and I use Macon Gooch weekly. Nathan is extremely helpful and has a fast turn around. If he can't answer his phone right away he will send me a text letting me know when he can. My jobs usually need immediate assistance."



Gooch Building Consultants do great work.

"Nathan have done an outstanding job of helping me understand the scope and magnitude of the issues with the house and how to go about fixing them (even traveling out of state to inspect the house for me). I've received expert advice in a timely and friendly manner from this company and highly recommend them. "

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